Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is basically a series of techniques, tactics and methodology which are used by webmasters to increase the number of visitors to a site through search engine rankings. It’s geared towards achieving high rankings in various search engines such as Google and Bing. The best search engine optimization practices makes the website accessible to the search engine which in the long run increases the websites’ traffic. Search engines rank websites based on the relevance of the sites’ content to the end user.

Types of SEO

The White hat techniques

These are the acceptable practices which conform to all the webmaster regulations. Some basic factors in white SEO include quality content and its structural design; effective use of quality inbound links; appropriate use of keywords/phrases, titles and Meta data. Websites whose ranking are based on white hat SEO, will always remain accessible to the search engine even if the search engine algorithms have been updated/changed. Hence, higher ranking.

The black hat techniques

This practice violates the stipulated webmaster guidelines in attempt to improve a website’s rank on the search engine. Such sites can be de-indexed or penalized and this was evident when Google introduced Google Penguin. This practice involves keyword stuffing, hidden content using CSS, link farming and unacceptable Meta description.

Thus white hat SEO is highly recommended for anyone who would wish his or her site to remain at the top of the search engine for a long period of time.

Key pillars of a good search engine optimization

There are certain aspects anyone who would wish to excel in SEO campaign must have in mind. These include:

Social media: it plays a significant role in SEO campaigns. Through social media, one can share and distribute websites’ content to a larger audience. In fact, it gives search engines new metrics to gauge quality of a website’s page. As a matter of fact, “social signals” are key when it comes to ranking websites. It’s an aspect online markers must adopt at all cost.

Content; when both Panda and Penguin algorithms came into full force, quite a number of online marketers were forced to publish quality content- not just spun or keyword stuffed. Doing a thorough keyword research and using it as per the rules governing the search engine optimization process is mandatory. The content must be insightful and must be updated regularly. The idea of publishing content for the search engine is a forgotten case in modern SEO work.

Inbound links; it’s one of the best ways to introduce external readers to a new product. The links must be of high quality since it plays a significant role in organic search ranking. One of the most popular technique is guest blogging. Tracking the links using the webmaster tools is a sure way to ensure that a given site is getting quality links.

Blending the three SEO pillars and practicing best SEO techniques will guarantee a website higher ranking for a longer period of time. Black hat practices are temporary solutions and they’re not a recommended in online marketing more so in this era where search engines update their algorithms frequently.

Social Media – Free Advertising Secrets

Why is it that so many people end up frustrated with social media when it comes to their advertising and marketing campaigns? And yet since we are told that almost everybody is said to be on social media then it should be the ideal advertising forum.

Actually all you need to do is understand a simple rule when it comes to all your social media marketing interaction and you will be able to turn around any previously disappointing experiences. The rule is that people hate to be advertised to. And they hate it even more when you invade their social space with your ads and promotions.

So how do I advertise on social media?

You do not turn up at your friends party and turn it into a marketing event for your new product. That’s very annoying. And actually there is no need to. All you need to do is mingle with the guests and wait for your chance to tell those who ask what you are up to these days. Naturally you can enhance the chances of being asked the desired leading questions by offering free help and advise to your friends who mention any problem that is related to your product or service.

That is precisely how effective advertising is executed on social media. By not appearing to be advertising anything in the first place. This approach will give you a much more attentive audience and less resistance to your message. With this approach you will be able to tap into the amazing power and reach of social media and your marketing and promotion will always be effective.

It starts with the right image

The other key point to note is the fact that there are lots of times when those you interact in with in social media will be unaware of who you are or what your product and service is all about. This is why it is crucial for you to make a big effort to build the right image that will generate interest in what you are selling. For instance if you are selling cleaning services then you can come across as somebody who is obsessed with cleanliness. This is easier to do than most folks think. All you need to do is consistently post information about the topic of cleanliness.

Naturally it will help if the information is interesting and captivating to your audience. At this stage it will be general and have nothing to do with what you are selling. That is the powerful way to position yourself for successful marketing and selling on social media.

Social media is an extremely powerful medium that cannot be ignored by any marketer. With the simple rules outlined in this article your promotion and marketing campaigns are bound to be highly successful.

Online Marketing – 5 Tips on How to Improve Your Content Marketing Techniques

Even though most online marketing professionals and online marketers seek out various techniques to create user-friendly and unique content, the secret lies in content marketing. The latest statistics show that 90% of organizations follow a marketing plan to increase their online presence, which in turn generates leads / traffic. Effective marketing strategies for content will create relevant and unique content engaging and enticing the niche audience by using a variety of content such as videos, social media posts, white papers, info-graphics, newsletters, press releases, blogs and articles.

The five most effective tips on content marketing that result with high quality and unique content are:

Starting USP – Unique Selling Proposition (USP) differentiates a service / product from its competitors. In simple terms it is “What makes your business different from your contenders’ or “What your business stands for’. Understanding your own USP will enable you to add appropriate story and voice to the piece of information.

Know your audience – Increase of sales and online engagements can only be done by identifying your potential audience to develop a business relationship that focuses on online challenges present in the marketplace. An effective internet marketer should understand their buyer’s requirements or concerns by building their buyer’s persona.

Map the content – In order to understand your clientele’s preference, it is crucial to understand the buying cycle that will ensure suitable content is created as per the choice. Furthermore, it will also assist to match the most appropriate format of content for each buying process phase.

Map out business ideas – Each piece of content should be made contextually relevant based on the client’s preference. Delivery of unique and creative content can be done by adopting multiple formats. To leave a positive impact for target audience, include a relevant call to action.

Content calendar – Developing a content calendar will help you schedule all the content marketing activities and establish the content that will work best for achieving the business goal. In essence, it will increase the content production.

When these simple steps are followed, your content marketing activities will be streamlined. At the same time, development of an effective strategy to make most of the latest social selling, email, social media, blog and search engine techniques will be achieved. The whole point of online marketing is to achieve high rankings and increase traffic to ones website for business success. Content marketing plays a big role in this process. Without it, other online marketing efforts may work, but they may not be as effective.